This song was a moderate success but I do think it should have done better. ‘Glory’ was Britney’s best album since ‘Blackout’ and had a number of songs that could and should have done well on the charts, including this one. The official video is expensive looking and engaging which gives it great replay value – essential in this era of streaming where every play counts.

The original album version of this song didn’t feature Tinashe and to be honest I don’t know quite how necessary it was. The feature doesn’t really add anything that wasn’t already there on the original apart from giving the two performers a chance to roll around in underwear together in the video. I guess with them both (at the time) being signed to RCA, the label wanted to use Britney to get Tinashe in front of a bigger audience.

Britney is without a doubt still the star here though. And she looks STU-NNING.

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