Hours ago, P!nk released the first single from her upcoming album, ‘Hurts 2B Human’ (rumoured for an April release). ‘Walk Me Home’ features Nate Reuss on writing credits who previously collaborated with P!nk on the 2013 smash hit single ‘Just Give Me a Reason’.

OK. I love P!nk, let me just say that. This is a great song if you look at it in isolation and I’m sure it will sounds great live on tour and have everyone in the audience clapping, stomping and singing along.

But I’m a little disappointed.

The ‘Beautiful Trauma’ album was actually quite experimental in places and saw P!nk play around with her sound in a way we haven’t heard before. Most notably ‘What About Us’ and ‘Secrets’ which were both more electro dance pop than anything else in her catalogue. She also infused elements of gospel in to the uplifting ‘I Am Here’. I was excited by that album because I hoped it meant she would keep experimenting and trying new things as she moved forward. So when I first heard ‘Walk Me Home’ I was underwhelmed. It sounds very similar to a number of her other songs and from where I’m standing isn’t really adding anything new to what has already been done.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good song. It’s easy to sing along to and I’ll definitely keep listening to it, but in the overall trajectory of P!nk’s career it doesn’t make me excited for her new album because if this formulaic song is a sign of thing to come then I have a feeling I already know how the album will sound. I live in hope that I’m proved wrong.

I’ve mentioned on here before how much I would love to hear her revisit R&B music, but ultimately I think what I really crave from P!nk at this point is just change and for her to try new things. She does what she does extremely well and without a doubt knows how to nail a thumping pop/rock anthem, but that style of song has become her little black dress and I need a little more colour in my wardrobe than that.

Check out the song’s official lyric video below:

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