I will always stan for Ciara. I think she’s one of the most hard working, humble artists out there and her ability to sustain a career for fifteen years should not go unacknowledged. Also, if Janet Jackson – one of the nicest legends around – likes you enough to call you a friend, then that’s good enough for me.

Ciara NEVER gives a bad live performance and whether you are a fan of her music or not, you cannot deny the effort she puts in to every live showing. If Ciara ever brings a live show to London I will be there, no question.

For today’s Song of the Day I’ve chosen an acoustic version of one of my favourite Ciara mid-tempos, ‘I Bet’. Although the video was uploaded to CiCi’s official YouTube channel, the audio was never made available on streaming platforms which is a shame as I think this version has an edge over the original. You just feel the emotion in the vocal delivery a little more here than on the studio recording.

Get in to ‘I Bet’ below then be sure to check out her new single ‘Greatest Love’.

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