Marsha Ambrosius could sing the phonebook and I would be happy, but when she came out with this song last summer I honestly don’t think I listened to anything else for about a week straight.

There’s a spontaneity about Marsha’s songs that I love. In the way that many rappers will just improvise their raps in the studio in front of a mic, sometimes I get that feeling with the way Marsha sings too. It’s something about the irregular rhythms and phrasing on this particular track that makes it feel so in the moment and truthful.

When it comes to her music videos, you’ll never find Marsha just lounging around in a beauty shot for no reason other than to look pretty. Each video has a strong message, whether it’s tackling suicide amongst the LGBTQ community (Far Away) or addressing the danger of unprotected sex (Late Nights and Early Mornings). This video is no different and here she focuses on police brutality towards African Americans in the US.

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