I’m sure there’s an inspirational quote out there somewhere that says you should do one new thing every day, or something along those lines. Well I think for today’s new thing you should listen to this song. I’m assuming of course you haven’t already and I only make that assumption because it’s an unreleased album track from Sam Sparro’s self-titled debut album released over ten years ago.
Lyrically this song does something few songs in our current musical landscape do and that is to be humorous. Sam Sparro sings of someone who is just too clingy, and whilst the song is funky and soulful in its production, it pulls no punches when it comes to the lyrics:

“You see I got enough friends who could fill a truck up
Now give me some room and just back the fuck up.

You must have thought I was your snack
Because you’re sticking to me like cling wrap.”

So go on, press play below and do that one new thing today courtesy of Musicology and Sam Sparro.

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