Last week I documented how my passion for music began in the late 80s with Kylie Minogue, well a few years later in September 1993, Easther, Vernie, Kéllé and Louise – collectively known as Eternal – released their debut single ‘Stay’; well and truly solidifying my love for music. Their debut record ‘Always and Forever’ is the first CD album I owned and it’s one I still cherish to this day.

I could write an entire post on why they are my favourite girlband of all-time, but I will save that for another day (and for a special ‘Eternal’ themed Musicology podcast episode coming up in the next few months!).

Right now though I want to celebrate a performance that, if it weren’t for YouTube, would have been confined purely to my memory and the memory of many other Eternal super-fans.

In 1997, the girls released their biggest single to date, ‘I Wanna Be The Only One’. The song went straight to number one on the UK singles chart and as was tradition any the time, they performed it on what was then the UK’s most popular music television show – Top of the Pops.

The gospel influence was undoubtable on the original, but for their third appearance performing the number on TOTP they decided to rework the song, this time leaning much more heavily in to the gospel sound. The result is triumphant. Vocally, both BeBe and Easther KILL IT, with the latter sounding even better here than on the original (and that’s saying something). I truly believe she is one of the greatest vocalists ever to have come out of the UK and I live in hope that one day, someday, she’ll do a simple acoustic set at an intimate venue somewhere in London…

In the meantime, let this video take you on a trip down memory lane where at the end of that lane you’ll find a church. When you find it I want you to go inside and give thanks that we were blessed with Eternal and their music. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

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