Ariana’s latest music video for ‘7 Rings’ has been given a creative makeover by actor, model and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco, alongside director Jake Wilson. The video sees Wilson and DiMarco recreate the video but with the latter performing the song in American Sign Language.

Nyle had previously called out Ariana and her team via social media when her hit single ‘Thank U, Next’ was uploaded online without captions. “Could you ask @vevo to add captions for 466 million people with hearing loss? Deaf here and we do enjoy your music.” he tweeted to the star. Clearly, team Grande took note of DiMarco’s request as her latest single ‘7 Rings’ has the option to be viewed on YouTube with closed captions.

I totally commend the work these guys put in to make this happen and I hope it encourages others to follow suit. This video goes to show that being inclusive can yield fantastically creative results that push boundaries and challenge archaic ideas of what is “cool”, “hot” or “sexy”. This video is sexy as hell!

Ariana herself even gave this video her seal of approval:

Check out the video below:

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