There’s no denying that ‘Nuclear’ does not go as hard as some of Destiny’s Child’s better known songs such as ‘Survivor’ or ‘Lose My Breath’, but there is something easy and laidback about this song that just feels so good to me. The Pharrell produced cut was co-written by Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle, with the latter stating in an interview with German web show MalcomMusic that Beyoncé joked Michelle would have to write her own bridge as Pharrell hadn’t written one. This is the last song recorded and released by the girls under the group name ‘Destiny’s Child’, although the trio have since recorded together for both Kelly and Michelle’s solo albums respectively.

I don’t know who I have to pay/bribe/blackmail/shower with affection/sell a kidney to in order to get a DC reunion, but tell me who it is and I’ll do it. Whilst this song is not the kind of sound I would want or expect from a new single were they to release one at this point, sonically I do still love it and I wouldn’t be mad to hear a track or two like this on a full reunion album.

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