OK, ordinarily I wouldn’t go near a Whitney Houston cover. The bar is just set way too high and most performers struggle to even come close. However, when I saw this one was done by Jade Novah who I KNOW can kill it vocally, I decided to give it a go.
With this near eight minute medley, Jade tributes Whitney with such dignity by maintaining her own style vocally but still honouring the original versions and the incredible woman who sang them. I also think the whole medley was put together really well and the songs flow nicely from one to another with some really interesting arrangements along the way. It very much feels like we are paying homage to Whitney rather than trying to emulate her and that is always important when it comes to covering such an iconic singer.
Push play on the video below and join Jade as she remembers Whitney Houston by taking on some of her greatest songs including ‘I Have Nothing’, ‘How Will I Know’, ‘You Give Good Love’ and of course ‘I Will Always Love You’.

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