Jamie Woon’s debut album ‘Mirrorwriting’ would be classified somewhere in the urban electronic/dance music genre although there’s no hiding the soul in his vocal delivery. His second album ‘Making Time’ leaned much more heavily in to soul and R&B and for me this musical shift only elevated Woon’s incredible songwriting ability.
The album opens with ‘Message’, my choice for today’s Song of The Day. The track would not sound out of place alongside any of the songs on Solange’s ‘A Seat At The Table’ album. It’s something about the clean production where every element is able to be picked out by the ear yet they all sit together harmoniously without one element overshadowing another.
If you’re not familiar with Woon’s work then I would encourage you to check him out. In particular the ‘Making Time’ album will appeal to soul and R&B lovers.

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