If you listened only to the singles from Celine Dion’s 2007 album ‘Taking Chances’, you could be forgiven for thinking a song like ‘Skies of LA’ would not be on it. Placed right at the end of the set’s 16 songs, it doesn’t really fit with the theme of the album which is made up largely of guitar driven pop songs – something of a trademark for Celine by this point in the 00s. There is the odd moment of experimentation happening with this album though, most notably the song ‘Eyes On Me’ which takes inspiration from middle-eastern music, and today’s Song of The Day which was a gentle step towards R&B.
For writing and production duties, Celine looked to none of than Tricky Stewart and The Dream; the pair responsible for a number of hits including ‘Single Ladies’ (BeyoncĂ©), ‘Umbrella’ (Rihanna) and ‘Baby’ (Justin Bieber).
‘Skies of LA’ is a departure for Celine. Not only is this not a love song, but lyrically she sings of depression which is delivered in an incredibly vulnerable and understated way. We all know she can blow the roof off with her voice, but the choice not to on this particular track was the right one.
I know many traditionalist Celine fans did not connect with the song, but for me it is probably my favourite from her.

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