Now I wouldn’t usually discuss an artist’s personality when writing about their music because in an ideal word the two things can be viewed separately, however, when it comes to Joss Stone I know many people have an idea in their head of who they think she is and it stops them from engaging with her music.
Last year a friend convinced me to accompany him to a concert Joss was performing in Cardiff. He’s been a huge fan since day one whereas I would consider myself a very casual fan to say the least. Now I’ll admit, I was apprehensive going to that gig. Was she going to come out with no shoes on and talk in the transatlantic drawl I remember from her awkward 2007 Brit Awards performance? Thankfully the answer was no. The truth is, I saw a woman who is kind of gawky and uncool but incredibly talented, and someone I warmed to within an instant.
Having now seen her live and felt her personality come through as she spoke between songs, I can absolutely see how 10 years ago (when she was only in her very early 20s remember) many of us judged her to be a little annoying and subsequently went off the boil with her music. Well I’m willing to put my hand up and say I misjudged her, and now that I’m getting back in to her catalogue I want to share one of my favourite Joss Stone songs.
The track I’ve chosen is ‘Girl They Won’t Believe It’ from her 3rd album ‘Introducing Joss Stone’. The song is funky as hell and Joss taking her vocal delivery from an almost whisper in the beginning through to an earth-shattering growl by the end is just a small example of her talent.

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