I had the pleasure of seeing Daley headline his own gig in London at the end of last year, this about 7 years after first discovering he and his music when I saw him open for Ledisi in 2011. From the moment he opened his mouth back then I knew it was love and I’m so happy to say we’ve been together ever since.
Vocally there is something buoyant and youthful about his tone, yet behind that tone is a wisdom that comes only through having been hurt. This is backed up by the lyrical content found in Daley’s music too, almost all of which is written by the man himself. Thematically we go from a song such as ‘Game Over’ from the debut album ‘Those Who Wait’, an upbeat pop number which speaks of a someone falling hard in love, to something like ‘She Fades’, a heart-wrenching ballad that according to Daley was written for a friend who was going through a difficult time that seemingly she could not be helped out of.
Trying to choose just one track for Song of the Day was extremely difficult and I’ve no doubt I’ll write about others in the future, but for today I chose ‘Good News’ from Daley’s sophomore album ‘Days and Nights’. This song has become something of an anthem for me if ever I’m feeling stuck or frustrated by a situation. “I want to take a leap of faith escape it all. But it seems like there’s no relief whichever way I fall.” I know I’ve felt those lyrics in my soul so many times, but there’s an optimism to this song that by the end of those 4 minutes makes me feel like no hurdle cannot be overcome.

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