I love hearing Christina in this realm. She’s laidback and sexy in an effortless way and the mood of the song means she’s uncharacteristically restrained when it comes to her vocals and believe me, that’s no bad thing. Christina’s talent is undeniable, but at times I do wish she’d approach her delivery with more ease and not throw everything she has vocally at each and every song.
It would seem my prayers have been answered in the form of ‘Pipe’, an album track from Christina’s latest release ‘Liberation’. The song features mystery rapper XNDA (although a simple google search will tell you that rapper is none other than Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton). The song fits perfectly in to the current trend of songs just floating in, sticking around for three and a half minutes then leaving much the same way they came in. A few examples of this production style include Mariah Carey’s ‘GTFO’ and the newly released duet between Sam Smith and Normani, ‘Dancing With a Stranger’.
Whilst a song like this may not pack the kind of punch needed for a radio hit, it’s a nice addition to her catalogue and offers much needed respite amidst some of her more aggressive tracks.

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