You know that point in a relationship when you’re feeling all these emotions and you want to tell the other person how you feel, but you’re afraid to in case they don’t reciprocate? That’s the territory we find ourselves in on ‘Best Part’, a warm, guitar driven ballad that almost all of us can relate to.
It was a genius move for Daniel Caesar to feature another singer on this track because it raises the stakes by making the song not just about one person too scared to express how they feel, but two people who are together in a relationship and who feel the exact same way but are both too scared to say it.
The simple yet effective split screen video reinforces this story as we see Daniel and the song’s featured artist H.E.R. walking separately at different times of the day on a beach, but ultimately and unknowingly connected by their shared feelings.

Check out the cut’s official video below to find out if these two ever find their way to each other*.

*Spoiler: They don’t. Sad.

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