I never delved too deep in to Fifth Harmony’s work when they were on the scene (I could probably name less than a handful of songs), but over the last few months the name Normani has been finding its way to my eyes and ears far more frequently causing me to pay closer attention to the Atlanta born singer.
A few months back I saw a clip of her honouring Janet Jackson with a rendition of Pleasure Principle at the BMI R&B and Hip Hop Awards 2018 and it was clear this girl has fire in her belly. As with many group members suddenly given the opportunity to perform solo, there’s often a sense of freedom and ownership over their work that shines through and can create some truly exciting moments. Think back to Justin Timberlake’s early days as a solo performer and how thrilling that was.
In a recent interview with Billboard Normani revealed how as the only black girl in the group she often felt left out. Her numbers on social media were noticeably lower than those of her bandmates, and at times she found herself relegated to singing only background vocals. Thankfully, Normani is now being given the opportunity to show her talent on her own terms and boy do I love an underdog.
Whilst it’s true she may not possess the kind of voice that would blow you away, there is undeniably a fine quality to it that sits perfectly on a mid tempo song about heartbreak such as this one.
Rumoured to be working with artists such as Missy Elliott, Khalid and Pharrell Williams for her upcoming solo album, this current release with UK singer Sam Smith serves to wet appetites for her debut offering, set to be unleashed later this year.

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