I don’t think I can do this performance any justice by trying to intellectualise its brilliance and beauty.

It. Is. Perfection.

The original recording features on the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack and was officially released as the 7th single from the film. Most people will of course be more familiar with the set’s lead single Exhale (Shoop Shoop) which was a Billboard Hot 100 number one song (Whitney’s 11th at the time). Unfortunately no video was filmed for the song and Whitney’s performance at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards is the only professional footage of her singing it live.

Whitney has a number of incredible live performances available to watch online, but for me this is one of her greatest and I will fight anyone who disagrees. Just kidding. Sort of.

OK I’m very attached to this performance, so much so that I almost considered not choosing it in case someone said something negative. I didn’t think my emotions could handle that. Truly this is probably my favourite Whitney live moment EVER. The emotion, the delivery, the build, the growl at the 3.20 mark…

Just watch and see. But watch the whole thing. And don’t check your phone in the middle of it, or answer the door to the postman, that can wait. Whitney deserves your full attention. I would also just like to say this: Whitney is wearing what looks to me to be a very unbreathable fabric, she’s under hot, bright lights and is emotionally giving her all and THAT is why she’s sweating so profusely. Anyone who tries to claim otherwise will be blocked and reported. Just kidding.

Sort of.

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