I love when singers breathe new life in to someone else’s song by switching up the arrangement and delivery. Some of course do it more successfully than others but my choice for Cover of the Week this week I believe fulfils the brief above and beyond.

Yebba is well known online for her unique vocal tone and flawless runs and here she joins forces with Thirdstory, a New York City born band whose sound is the equivalent of a love child between Shawn Mendes and Khalid.

Lucky may be a well known Britney hit (yes it was a hit), but it’s a song very much of its time as the production hasn’t aged particularly well. But thanks to Thirdstory and Yebba, the song’s heartfelt and honest lyrics are now put across more clearly here with the song being delivered as an acoustic, emotionally resonant ballad as opposed to its original offering as a sweet, teenage pop affair.

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