Can I get an amen for the ‘Aaliyah’ album? Hands down one of the greatest R&B records of ALL TIME. There are so many gems on this album that I’m sure other songs from it will feature on SOTD in the future.

Many people will know the single releases (Rock The Boat, More Than a Woman, We Need a Resolution) but may not be so familiar with the unreleased album tracks. A firm favourite of mine is Loose Rap which features Static Major who wrote a large portion of the lyrics for this album. The background vocal production is so distinct on this album, and to this day I’m not sure anyone has ever repeated it as successfully. For much of the album there is a male voice added in to the background vocals and this small feature is just one of the aspects that made this record sound like something we had never heard before upon its release in 2001. Hit the 2 minute mark below to hear what I’m talking about.

Sadly you won’t find this album available to stream or for digital purchase because her uncle has all but one of her albums on complete lockdown. So for now, this YouTube upload will have to do.

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