When I started this blog I decided I would focus on the music I like rather than trashing the music I don’t, even if the latter is by an artist I’m a fan of and want to talk about. So with that in mind, what I will say about Alicia Key’s last album ‘Here’ is that it is most definitely my least favourite Alicia Keys album.

One of the great things to be born from that era however was In Common, the set’s lead single. For me this is one of the best songs she has ever released. Yeah I said it. Sonically it was unlike anything she had put out before and I truly believe if this had been released by Ariana Grande it would have been a surefire hit.

Interestingly the song only features on the Deluxe version of ‘Here’ and does not sound like anything else on the album. One has to wonder whether Alicia changed direction of the project when this song failed to catch on commercially, after all it was a full 6 months later that the album was released. If that is the case I think it’s a damn shame as I would love to hear more experimental music like this from her.

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