Hello and welcome to Musicology, a brand new blog where I will be sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas, and the occasional bit of gossip on a range of artists across pop, R&B and soul music.
Some of my greatest friendships have been born from a shared love of music, so I have decided to cast the net a little wider and use this blog to reach like-minded people who are as viscerally connected to music as I am.

I’ll write everything from reviews (Everything is Love is a grower) to rants (Glitter is a top 3 Mariah album for me and I don’t care what anyone says) to reminiscing about the golden age of music (yes I’m looking at you late 90s/early 00s). So here goes!

Music makes the people come together! Gary 🙂

Currently playing: Hello Goodbye – Marsha Ambrosius feat. PJ Morton

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